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Mai postánkból. Az ILF csapat által küldött alábbi információ a HUNAGI tagság és partnereink érdeklődésére is számot tarthat:
"Dear Gabor,
The ILMF 2011 Call for Papers is now open
ILMF 2011 will be held in New Orleans on February 7-9, 2011 at the Astor Crowne Plaza. The three day Technical Conference will welcome speakers from the international LIDAR community who will report on latest technology advances and recent projects, highlighting actual experiences and lessons learned.
Authors wishing to submit a paper for the conference are requested to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words by visiting http://www.lidarmap.org/conference/submit_papers.aspx
The following topics should act as a guideline:
Data Acquisition - Airborne LIDAR
• Acquisition systems, imagery and complementary sensors and best practices; urban, rural, transmission line scanning; pipeline mapping
Data Acquisition - Bathymetric LIDAR
• Acquisition and imaging systems and best practices for the flood plain and coastal bathymetry sectors
Data Acquisition - Emergency Response
• Fault detection for geologic surveys; pre- and post earthquake mapping; quantifying and analyzing volcanic ash clouds
Data Fusion & Processing Technologies
• Geospatial data capture, processing, analysis, management, archiving and retrieval; improving operational excellence; processing mobile imagery; quality control analysis
Developments in GIS & Data Modeling
• 3D visualization, integration with photo-imagery, urban modelling; remote access and processing of LIDAR data
Industry Issues
• Federal and individual State initiatives; operating and GIS standards, quality and productivity issues; recruitment/training issues
Mobile Mapping & Survey
• Data acquisition; vehicle-based high speed mapping systems; operational practices and data management
Recent Project Examples
• LIDAR customers and service providers reporting on experiences in all areas of LIDAR and Mobile Mapping, on commercial, Federal and State funded projects, developments and in new or emerging markets
Systems Integration
• Advances in data capture, data processing and improved operations efficiency
Trends and New Technology Developments
• Advances in LIDAR waveform processing and other technology developments, applications and operational practices
The deadline for submitting a paper is Wednesday September 15, 2010.
For delegates new to the LIDAR community, or those wishing to learn how LIDAR technology can deliver increased mapping knowledge at reduced cost, there is a full series of learning Workshops and demonstrations. ILMF is supported by ASPRS and MAPPS.
The event will also host an exhibition showcasing more than 50 leading companies in this rapidly growing global market, exhibitors include LIDAR and complementary sensor manufacturers, survey service companies, data processing, GIS and management specialists and will bring the latest mobile mapping vehicles to the event.
For further information please contact info@lidarmap.org or go to www.lidarmap.org
We look forward to welcoming you to New Orleans in 2011.
Best wishes,
The ILMF Team "

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